About us

Leaving a mark, building the home of the future

About us

Leaving a mark, building the home of the future

"We're building on a dream to change the world like the future depends on it"

- Rafael Celis

About Estela

Forward-thinking Florida-based home-building company, unlike any other. Our mission is to create unique, functional, and welcoming homes where families not only live but thrive. In each room, you'll find the warmth of home intertwined with the personality of its owner. We understand that a house represents your dreams, and our commitment is to listen, learn, and craft customized homes that bring your vision to life.

Moreover, our homes are designed with affordability in mind, ensuring you can have the home of your dreams without exceeding your budget. Our purpose is to shape the homes of the future, where memories are made, families flourish, and dreams are nurtured. We take pride in our role as the architects of tomorrow, where every home we create becomes a legacy—a testament to our passion and a reflection of your future.

At Estela, we don't just build houses; we craft homes, your way.

Rafael Celis


+15 years of experience in real estate development

+2 Million sqft2 developed in mix-used and residential projects

Executive leader of middle market enterprises with +50m in annual rev

Civil engineer, + ms construction management from georgia tech

opm 53 exec education harvard business school

Nicolas Salgado


+10 years of real estate development experience

Prior experience working with top 15 us national homebuilder

MBA from university of texas at austin, mccombs school of business with a concentration in real estate

responsible for the acquisition of more than 1,000 residential lots in central florida

extensive land use, entitlements and negotiation experience

Yamila Duran
Operations Manager
Slade Nelson
Project Manager
Natalia Martinez
Staff Accountant
Douglas Griesemer
Project Manager
Sherill Delgado
Administration Manager
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